Basic Firearms Ownership Course

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Welcome to the Basic Firearms Ownership course, many people ask, where do I start or pick up with firearms ownership? Trigger Control staff has created this course with the new firearms owner in mind or for the firearms owner who wants to hone their skills and obtain a great refresher class.

The 2.5 hour Basic Firearms Ownership course topics include; The National Rifle Association's 3 fundamental firearms safety rules and what they mean in practicality.(If you don't know these rules, this is most likely the best class to start your firearms education.)

Firearms parts and operation;
Including the names and functions of each individual component to modern firearms and the types of firearms actions. Loading and Unloading using 100% safe training cartridges. 

Cleaning & safe storage;
Learn to disassemble and clean your firearm then discus the best places and practices for storing your firearm while in use and put away for long term storage. The basics of sight alignment/sight picture, and much more. 

Ammunition and shooting fundamentals;
An ammunition overview including, parts of a cartridge, calibers, types of ammunition for your firearm, best ammunition for self defense, shooting positions, and grip. 

All students will receive Trigger Control's proprietary training targets and a copy of Trigger Control's Dry practice rules to take home. As a student of Trigger Control you will also leave with new opportunities to develop your skills. You will be awarded with a Basic Firearms Ownership Course completion certificate. 

Even if you know some people who might be able to start you in guns, consider this: There are many ways of instructing that dont work too well and you might run into some of these. Many people who have a background in guns mean well, but dont have the training to teach you in ways that will best serve your development. 

Trigger Control Training has Instructors who work hard and have formal educations in conducting tried and true methods of firearms training.

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