Defensive Shotgun Course

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Trigger Control Training is excited to introduce our Defensive Shotgun Course. This course provides you with the skills necessary to prevail when the shotgun is the tool of choice. While these tools are commonly owned, they are the most underutilized option in a modern self defense situation.

This 8 hour course is conducted on the range, lecture topics include; choosing the most effective shotgun for self defense, optional accessories, function and maintenance, operation, reloading and malfunctions, misconceptions, and ammunition selection. The lectures are rounded out with dry practice and manipulations drills.

The live fire element is a dynamic, physical range, target opportunities include paper, steel, and reactive targets. Many of the courses of fire are conducted with low recoil birdshot ammunition to limit shooter fatigue and maximize training time. The range includes sighting in your shotgun (rifle sights and optics are not needed), combat and tactical reloads, speed drills, moving and shooting, and distance work.

Please download and complete the "Release and Hold Harmless Agreement" form located on the Range Rules tab. You will be required to turn in the completed Agreement when you arrive for training.

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