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Please reach us at  if you cannot find an answer to your question.

 Range Fees are $20.00 per person for a day pass. (Members get in free, with $10 guest passes!) 

Our Range is 75 feet long. (25 Yards) If you are wanting to sight in your long  guns, spend some time looking at the ballistics of your firearm on line  to what your hold should be at 25 yards.

All are welcome to bring their own firearms and ammunition. We do ask  that you not bring tracers, flammable, or incendiary projectiles. When you do  bring your guns, please have them unloaded as well as cased or holstered. 

We accept a variety of firearms on the Range. Rimmed fire, center fire and air gun are all acceptable. All handgun calibers and rifle calibers up to 50 BMG.

 Our backstop will capture up to 50 BMG. As long as it doesn’t start fires, or blow things up we’re good. 

10 years old is the ABSOLUTE minimum age to shoot at our Range.

 We offer training to all levels of shooters. From new to the shooting  sports to the experienced shooter. We also offer private instruction,  low light, O.C., and a tactical first aid class that is second to none. 

 Yes, we have a large variety of handguns as well as long guns. We also  have some full autos to scratch your itchy trigger fingers with too. 

We now offer Bolt action hunting rifles in our rental fleet. 

Yes. We would love to give you a fair trade-in on your used firearms. If  you are just looking to sell, bring it in and let’s see what we can do  for you. 

 No, though Membership has its advantages, we definitely accept walk ins.  The Range is open M-F 10 AM to 9PM, Sundays 12 pm to 5 pm. 

 Lane reservations are held only for Members of the Range, yet another perk of becoming a Member. 

 We have several Membership options available. Our Basic Membership  starts at $435.00 Membership comes with a  variety of benefits, stop by or visit the Memberships tab on our  website for more info. 

Yes. We have a variety of vendors where we get our products from. Stop by and we will get you taken care of. 

 Always consult your physician before shooting while pregnant or nursing.

We love the shooting sports, that being said, safety is always first. If  you are bringing in your firearm, you MUST bring it in the facility unloaded and secured in a case or holster! 

Yes. As long as you are not presenting a risk to yourself or other  shooters please feel free to take snap shots of you time on the Range 

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