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Guns n Gear has a full cadre of instructors with many years of experience. Below you can get to know a few of your instructors before attending your next class.

Guns N Gear instructors in action

Meet our instructors


Director of Training
Corey has dedicated a large part of his life around teaching, particularly US History, Education, and firearms training. He has advanced degrees in Human Growth and Development and Learning Sciences. Corey has trained all over the Northwest, in particular at Firearms Academy of Seattle. He is a USCCA and NRA Cert


Firearms Instructor II
As an Idaho native, Nathan grew up in the outdoors camping, hiking, and shooting guns with his father. Nathan began his formal firearms training during his seven years in the military where he first qualified as an expert marksman with both pistol and rifle. During his last three years in the Navy he served m


Firearms Instructor II
Dillon J. Maughan grew up in Idaho Falls enjoying the beautiful outdoors and a strong Second Amendment environment. His training consists of both firearms and hand-to-hand through various groups, such as Universal Security, Trigger Control Training, NRA, and many others. He is also a Certified Smith & Wesson Ar


Kwaid G.

Floor Manager 

  Born in Montana and raised as an avid hunter/ fisherman He has grown a love and passion for the firearms industry and the outdoors. Having been around firearms since a young age and is keen on safety and the understanding of how firearms work. As an NRA certified pistol instructor he has grown a love for teaching and helpi


Floor Salesman   

Born and raised in the United Kingdom Richard moved to the United States in 1993. He settled in Arizona where he taught Rifle ,Pistol ,Shotgun and Submachine gun to various law enforcement and military agencies. In 2000 he joined Cabela's gun library in Sidney, NE where he helped in the purchase of many high end gun colle

Kyle H.

Floor Manager/NFA Department 

 Kyle Harrison joined the Guns N Gear family in August of 2021 Originally from North Dakota Kyle grew up enjoying the outdoors and found a passion for the firearms industry at a young age. In the short time Kyle has been here he has become one of the top salesman on the floor to running our NFA department.   

Brody S.

Head of Online Sales & Shipping

Brody grew up shooting firearms at a very young age. The first shot he ever took scoped and cut his eyebrow but that never stopped him from loving guns. Brody is a Colorado native and knows the importance of our second amendment. He has now lived in Idaho for three years with his girlfriend and his hairless cat (Toby). He

Lacey S.

 Receiving Manager

 Lacey is from Ashton, Idaho and was raised with a passion for firearms, hunting, and the outdoor life. She is currently in charge of our receiving department here at Guns N Gear, and handles all of our inbound shipments and transfers into our facility.

Kyle T.

Floor Manager/NFA Department 

 Kyle Tafoya joined Guns N Gear in July of 2020. Grew up loving the outdoors with shooting, and snowboarding, and Played football for 12 years. Took a liking to the firearms industry and hasn’t looked back. He has thrived in this family and is very well knowledge on firearms. He grew his passion more and ended up taking over the NFA department.  

Kris H.

Floor Manager

I served in the United States Marine Corps for 24 years as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. During this time, I was also a Combat Marksmanship and CQB Instructor. I have a total of ten years’ experience in the fire arms industry. I am formally an IDPA competitive shooter. I have completed training courses at Thund


Firearms Instructor II

Born in the United States. Raised with guns. Loves teaching about  them. Jon’s mission is to make sure that every gun owner knows how to  effectively use their firearm and has the confidence to defend their  life, or the lives of others, should the need arise. Jon is a USCCA  Certified Instructor and works diligent


Matt was born and raised in Idaho. Matt is an avid outdoors man and  enjoys all aspects of outdoor life; hunting and shooting are at the top  of the list. Matt loves to teach and coach. As co-owner of Legacy  Taekwondo in Rexburg, Matt has an understanding that each person is  different and therefore has unique challenges and needs. Rec


Raised in Alaska, Ben grew up taking full advantage experiencing what the outdoors had to offer and continues to do so. Aside from Boy Scouts, Ben’s passion and talents for shooting was reviled in high school when he worked at a prominent clay target shooting facility near Wasilla, Alaska. Over the course of several years Ben became hi


Nathan started his firearms training at Guns and Gear in 2020. Since  then he has taken all 6 standard courses: Basic Pistol, Defensive  Pistol, Low Light, Enhanced Concealed Carry, Defensive AR, and Everyday  Medical. Nathan is enthusiastic to share his knowledge and experience  with new shooters all while helping them to develop a safety first  mindset. 


Reactor  Operator, stationed in California and Washington before he moved to  Idaho. He has owned and trained with firearms for most of his adult  life. Christian has solid experience with rifles, shotguns, and pistols  and an extensive knowledge of many different types o

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