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Hornady Ameri Whitetail 300 Win

300 Win Mag 180 gr InterLock Spire Point 20 Per Box/ 10 Cs


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SKU: 090255820447

5 in stock

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American Whitetail exclusively features Hornady InterLock bullets with their exposed lead tip for controlled expansion and lead-alloy core for reliably hard-hitting performance. The InterLock ring inside the bullet jacket is embedded into the core, ensuring that core and jacket remain locked together during expansion for maximum mass and energy retention. American Whitetail is loaded to conventional velocities, premium propellants are selected to achieve optimum pressure and consistency, ensuring each load is also compatible with semi-automatics. Each load has proven performance with bullet weights that have been deer-hunting favorites for decades. Specifications: 300 Win Mag/180 gr /InterLock Spire Point/20 Per Box/10 Cs




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